The #FlashbackFriday That Will Get You FIT!

Oh, who are we kidding?  The workout involves typing exercises!

In theory, it’s a workout that is great for your fingers, but the rest of you?  You’ll have to trust today’s fit spokesperson and her fit videos!

Ah, the 1980s – a time when celebrity fitness was slapped onto a videocassette and marketed to the masses.  You wanted a Body By Jake, Richard Simmons, or Jane Fonda?  There was a videocassette for you!

And speaking of Jane Fonda and her famous 1980s workout…

When she stopped protesting things like Vietnam, Jane Fonda refocused her energies, instead protesting…not being fit.

(Sidenote: my brother told this story when we were in high school about a Vietnam War documentary his History teacher showed, which involved that history teacher screaming “TRAITOR!” upon seeing Jane Fonda in the documentary)


Jane created her videos beginning in 1982, after participating in aerobics and strengthening classes by Leni Cazden.  She did this after fracturing her foot and being unable to continue Ballet lessons, which was how she stayed so incredibly fit.  By 1989, Jane was still releasing videos, namely today’s video, which is good for anyone who wants to feel and look their best!

Check out this commercial, won’t you?

Jane Fonda’s workout was popular among Baby Boomers of the time, and lead many to buy the new-fangled VCR for their home to try out the videos.  In total, Fonda released twenty-three workout videos, as well as five workout books and thirteen audio programs through 1995.


Her first video, Jane Fonda’s Workout, was the best-selling home video for several years after its 1982 release.  Say what you will about her activism, her protesting, and the things she does when she’s not acting, she had a pretty good second career going for awhile there!

Heck, she’s 82 and looks more fit than me.

Proving that she’s not content to be idle, Fonda released two new workout video in 2010, geared towards an older audience.  And yeah, she looked amazing.

The videos themselves are YouTube, and from the clips I’ve seen, they look fun. I loved to dance until sprained (and later broke) my ankle in 2014.  I’ve never been able to return to it, but something like this would be fun for me, and something I could easily do as long as I’m careful with it.

Who knows, it is worth a shot!

Here’s to New Years resolutions and to keeping them!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!


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