Christmas Memories: The Best Christmas Present EVER!

Merry Christmas Eve, friends!

Did you ever have that one present you really wanted – well, in the case of being a kid, needed?  Do you remember the thrill of getting that one really special gift, and the reaction it got from you?

I certainly don’t remember other Christmases where I had that one huge reaction to something I really wanted more than Christmas 1987 (I realized I had the year wrong after the fact), when I really wanted a truly special doll who kept showing up in Saturday morning advertising.

Last year, I was asked to submit a Christmas memory (as well as a Halloween memory) for the former Retroist’s podcast, which actually became a Pop Culture Retrorama podcast.  These two podcasts hold a dear place in my heart, as it was the first time I really got to talk about nostalgia on a personal level for the audio format.  Usually, when I talk about personal nostalgia, it is interlaced with something I researched.  I love relating personal affection for something back to what I’m researching, which is what drives the tone of my articles.

I hope you enjoy this story – it is my own, and told with the level of excitement I try to incorporate into my writing.  I’ve been told you can hear my voice and enthusiasm in my writing, and I’m pretty sure that excited geeky passion comes through big time!

Allison (age 5) and mom with “The Best Christmas Present EVER!”, Christmas 1987. (Photo: Venezio Family Collection)

We’re not done with Christmas on Allison’s Written Words, we’ve got one more post today, and something special for Christmas Day!

Have a great day!

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