“What A Beautiful #FlashbackFriday This Is Going To Be!”

Because this commercial’s advertiser believes their product will be part of Christmas!

Can you believe we are five days away from Christmas?

I love the lead up to the day – the excitement of wrapping presents, getting the foodstuffs (if you’re the one hosting, like my husband and I are), and purchasing anything last minute.  I still have to do the wrapping, but I did finish my shopping, aside from the need for stocking stuffers for my husband, and a few gifts for my two precious dogs.

Today’s commercial from the archives of 1985 is for a type of gift that people like to get for Christmas.  I’d say it is the gift of time, but that’s only what this gift does.  I’ve gotten these for Christmas myself, and they really do make a great gift.

It’s the gift of elegance, a status symbol of sorts…


(And apparently museum display-worthy!)

To the most athletic…


See the gift you know you wanted in 1985 (or maybe even still do in 2019!) when you click play below!

I especially love how the runner turns the Christmas tree on in the commercial.


Connecticut-based Timex Group has been helping people all over the world keep perfect time since 1854.  In 1985, the company was Timex Corporation, and the business struggled due to the arrival of cheap mechanical watches from the Far East.  They had abandoned development of other consumer products, and instead focused on timepieces exclusively by this point, with an emphasis on quality.  Better battery life, quartz analog movements (meaning less components), and the development of sports watches with the assistance of athletes for different sports helped move Timex back into prominence.

Interesting fact: Timex’s Indiglo Nightlight Watch was introduced in time for Christmas 1992, and was instrumental in one man guiding a group of evacuees down 40 flights of dark stairs after the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center.  This led to an increase in sales and an increase in Timex’s market share.

Timex still operates today, producing watches that help the world keep beautiful time.

I love watches – I’m not 100% sure if I’ve ever owned a Timex watch, but I did own a Jordache watch in the early 1990s, a gorgeous watch with a blue Quartz-type face (my first grown up watch!) when I was twelve, and numerous dressy watches over the years.  I even owned a Shark watch in seventh grade (this was in 1995), but didn’t everyone?

These days, I wear a Samsung Gear Fit watch, just so I always know how many steps I’ve taken during the day.  The only thing I don’t love about the fitness watch is how lazy it makes me feel.  My old analog watches never did that, and sometimes (especially when I’m writing), I want it to be that way again.

Of course, if it could light up my Christmas tree, I’d love it even more!


Five days until Christmas, and we’ve got plenty to come!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!


  1. I forgot all about Shark watches, I never had one, but I remember them. I had to google them and apparently they still them. Always fun taking a trip down memory lane with your articles. Have a Merry Christmas!

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  2. I still have my favorite Casio watch from 1985, it still keeps perfect time. I actually have a drawer full of my old watches, including a Dukes of Hazard watch. I remember I got a watch when I was a kid that played a song for the alarm. It went off in the middle of church, I wasn’t allowed to wear a watch to church after that.

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