$1.99 Big #FlashbackFriday Deal

Confession: I threw in that $1.99 to remind you that at one time, you could get a nice big value meal for under $2.

I like Combo meals when I go to fast food restaurants.  A complete meal for a decent price is super hard to beat.  Not that the food is the best for us (it isn’t), but in a pinch (time or budget-wise) it is always fine in moderation.

One restaurant I remember from my childhood, especially on trips up the Garden State Parkway, was Roy Rogers.  They had actual restaurant locations (I remember a location on Route 37 in Toms River, NJ as a kid), but the ones at the parkway rest stops were much more common.

My mom had told me at one time that my Great Grandma (who lived to be 95), loved Roy Rogers, and my mom took her there when she spent time with her.

Just when I figured I had completely tapped the well of Halloween commercials in my VHS collection dry, two more popped up – yesterday’s commercial featuring M&M’s who want to party (and are totally not out trick-or-treating) on a VHS tape from 2002, and today’s commercial from 1987 (I knew I had this tape, I just didn’t look hard enough at the commercials), which featured a big deal on a certain meat, for a very small price!

And here’s our spokesperson – er, spokeschicken – to plug it!

See that deal on full display at a Halloween party, when you click play!

So, wow…

Chicken, french fries, and a biscuit for $1.99? Sure this can’t be!


It is!

Not since “Whatta Taste!” in 1986 has a deal been so amazing!

Roy Rogers has been around since 1968, the product of a rebranding of RoBee’s House of Beef (based in Fort Wayne, Indiana), and today operates 48 stores in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.  They serve hamburgers, roast beef sandwiches, and of course fried chicken, as well as sides.  As a perk of ordering from Roy Rogers, you get to dress your sandwich at the Fixin’s Bar.

I personally like Roy Rogers, and had it a few years ago while on the Pennsylvania Turnpike at a rest stop.  It feels like a long ago restaurant of the past, but if you can find one, they’re still worth stopping in to, especially in your travels.  They’re more situated at rest stops and rural towns, but Roy Rogers is still out there!


The Big Chicken – and Halloween – as well as $1.99 deals, are not.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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