Have #ThrowbackThursday at Your #Halloween Party!

…because they bring the best treats!

Happy Halloween!

It’s the day of trick or treat (hopefully, more treats than tricks!), candy, ghosts, The Great Pumpkin, and things that go bump in the night. 

I absolutely love Halloween.  From the time I was three, until I was in ninth grade, I trick-or-treated every year, but for me, the handing out of candy was just as fun once I was older.  These days, I still love handing it out, and I still love wearing a costume!

Case in point, I walked in a Halloween parade last night as Rainbow Brite!

Rainbow Brite

I pretty much figured I didn’t have any Halloween commercials in my collection anymore, but that changed last month when I went through one of my tapes from 2002 and found today’s gem (likewise for tomorrow, since I found tomorrow’s commercial on a tape from 1987 I forgot to check).  It’s a short-but-sweet commercial, for a product that is found in many a trick-or-treat bag and bowl.  These days, this candy-coated chocolate confection goes by many flavors, dresses up for different holidays in appropriate colors, and is too old for trick-or-treating, but in 2002, they were just too old for trick-or-treating.

In fact, they just want respect…and to attend Halloween parties.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s the commercial!

People have been having M&M’s at their party since 1941, sixty-one years before Red and Yellow (ok, Red) demanded respect and the right to party.


Red and Yellow (along with the other four “spokescandies”) have been computer-animated since 1994, for a celebrity campaign about which colors are the celebrity’s favorite.

By Source, Fair use (Wikipedia)

These days, they are still computer-animated, but they’re even better looking than they were in today’s commercial.

Of course, they’ve not only been included in parties since 1941, they’re also grazing trick-or-treat bags and candy bowls every year, a staple of Halloween fun.


But they still want to be included in the party!

We’re not finished with Halloween yet – I have one more commercial left for Flashback Friday, and a Saturday (!!!!!) article to wrap the whole thing up!

Have a great Throwback Thursday, enjoy the candy, and Happy Halloween!



  1. I love this M&M’s commercial! It sometimes puts a smile on my face! Please enjoy your Halloween! I will be handing out treats to my neighbors this evening. I’m too old to go trick-or-treating myself.

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