#FlashbackFriday is Capturing Them Dinosaurs!

Those rompin’, stompin’ Claymation dinosaurs!


This week, we’re competitively eating the alleged foodstuff of the gods, disguised in a can of extremely sketchy-looking pasta (prove me wrong).  Yesterday, we had a kid literally dance his way through the praises of the long-discontinued Tic-Tac-Toe’s, but there is one Chef Boyardee commercial that may very well be even more of a classic than a kid dancing for his pasta in a can.


Though you have to admit, his grace and dance prowess just for canned pasta is admirable!

Anyway, moving on – and up – a year to 1988…

Today’s commercial comes from YouTube Land Archives (not a real name), courtesy of YouTube user ProjectAdHand (many thanks, but no canned pasta for you), who reminded us that there was a way to eat pasta (tasty, wholesome pasta) the way that we played video games.

Very competitively.

Screenshot (133)
“You WIN!”

That’s right.

Instead of playing pencil-and-paper games, we’re doing something every kid would dream of…hunting for dinosaurs!

Chef Boyardee took the awesomeness of Competitive Canned Pasta Eating, and set it to the tone of prehistoric times with today’s offering.

Click play, and witness it all for yourself!

Upload via ProjectAdHand

Dinosaurs Pasta is still manufactured today, under Chef Boyardee’s “Mini Pasta” product line (which also includes alphabet pasta, numbers, ravioli, and spaghetti and meatballs.

This commercial was kept around as long as the early 1990s, when the pterodactyl was added to the lineup of dinosaurs you were supposed to hunt for in your lunch.

Screenshot (18)

Like I’ve already said, this stuff just never looked appealing.  Perhaps I’m a picky eater (I’m really not, I love everything, as long as it looks edible), or it’s the Italian in me, or I’m just not interested in something that looks like a bad version of soup (I’d rather have a soup version than this stuff anyday).  It just has this look that makes me say “no thanks.”  I understand it’s instant and parents can get it made faster so the hungry kids stop asking for something to eat, but I’d rather take a bit longer to boil pasta (or heck, make macaroni and cheese from the box) than eat this stuff.

I don’t know, am I missing something?  Was this stuff born out of convenience and not necessarily important for the taste/edibility factor?

Either way, both this commercial, as well as yesterday’s – pack enough nostalgia in them to really bring back some nice memories of Saturday morning television.  Which is, of course, where I used to see these commercials.

And that holds the most weight in my world, my friends.  Good memories.

That and the most hilarious display of fear this side of Saturday morning commercial glory.

Many thanks to the two channels who had this week’s commercials, Tristan Johns and ProjectAdHand!  I raise my actual pasta to you, because I wouldn’t be caught eating this junk.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!


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