Where In the World is Allison’s Written Words?

Well, doing her newest gameplay!

I haven’t done one of these gameplay videos, so why not start off anew with a fun little game where you’re the detective hot on the trail of the world’s most elusive female and her team of equally elusive henchman.

She’s so elusive, part of her is “invisible.” (Photo and Funko Pop from author’s personal collection)

You’re given a rank and your case, and sent off to procure a stolen item from enemy hands.  You have until 5 pm on Sunday (it’s 9 am on Monday) to apprehend the thief and gain possession of the item in question.  Be sure to read the clues carefully, pick your destinations wisely, and always have a warrant in hand for that moment you’re ready to serve justice!

I’m playing the 1985 DOS game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, one of the many classic edu-tainment-type games Broderbund was famous for.  I’ve played the Sega Genesis version from 1993 and the 1990 DOS version (the one with the phone), but I’ve never played the 1985 version.

Will I solve my case?  Find out when you click play below!

Upload via Allison Venezio Preston / Allison’s Written Words

Want that Funko Pop?  I got her at GameStop at the Temecula Mall (Temecula, CA) in December 2018, but she is available on Amazon as well!

A million thanks to the amazing Classic Reload, whose library of over 6000 pre-Windows 95 games are ready to suit our very nostalgic gameplay needs!

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