Gonna Soak Up The #ThrowbackThursday

…and watch a big block of commercials!

Presented herein is part one of a two-part block of commercials that aired on May 5, 2002 on WNBC 4 (New York’s NBC station) during their live broadcast of the network’s 75th Anniversary Special.


The broadcast was three hours long, and history dictates that when you broadcast anything for three hours (or just have a three-hour programming block on a normal night) there are going to be a whole lot of commercials aired.

In the interest of not making your eyes glaze over, I divided the block into two separate videos.

Featured in this block:

Dennis Hopper, for white shirts from The Gap!


Post-series movies!


Raining on parades, grocery shopping, and Lincoln SUVs!


The Sprint Guy…when he asked if you could hear him on his VERIZON phone!


The future of seeing your baby’s face!


TJ Maxx…where you can buy all the things!


He’s Chevy Chase…and you’re not!


Now on DVD and Video!  (Remember when you could still buy video cassettes?  I do!)


And fancy bottled water!


We’ve got promos for a then-new episode of ER (which was extremely heartbreaking), promos for other shows airing that week (including a 90-minute episode of Fraiser!), movies, technology from 2002, and more!

Click play, why don’t you?

Tomorrow, the second half of this commercial block!

Have a great Throwback Thursday!

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