Like A Good Neighbor, #FlashbackFriday Is There

…with more commercials!

Yesterday, we watched the first half of a giant commercial block (totaling 46 minutes long) that I divided up into two days worth of videos.

Today, we’re watching the second half!

The commercials featured this week all came from the May 5, 2002 live broadcast of NBC’s 75th Anniversary Special, and aired on WNBC 4 in New York.

There’s a mix of some commercials from yesterday, as well as plenty of new offerings.  Nice to know it isn’t a bunch of repeat commercials thrown into the second half of the show’s advertising offerings.  I did edit out the first commercial in the block (and American Airlines Rewards commercial) because its use of “Crazy Love” blocked the entire video on YouTube.  We can’t have that!

In addition to a few promos for upcoming episodes of NBC shows, as well as movie trailers, we have the following:

You never forget your pre-Google search engine go-to.  This was mine, as well as the first one I ever used.  I loved Lycos!


Reliable news anchors…

The One With Rachel’s Pregnancy…




Flash Mob, GAP style!


And Giant Goldfish Crackers!


Dive in (see what I did there?) and watch the second half of this commercial block, when you click play!

Next week, new commercials, new theme…same Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday Channel!

Yeah yeah, not original at all.  It’s Friday, we’re just trying to have fun!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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