Born on the #ThrowbackThursday of July

What, you prefer Throwback Thursday in the USA?

Happy Fourth of July, friends!

Today’s commercial block comes to us from Pittsburgh’s KDKA (their local CBS owned-and-operated), and features commercials that aired during morning programming, which happens to be none other than Saturday morning!

Lots of goodies here, folks!

Upload via ThePreviewsGuy VHSOpenings

There’s 55 minutes of CBS Saturday Morning goodies here, friends!

Tomorrow, we’ll be back with something less 4th of July-ish, but it will be Flashback Friday by then, and you won’t mind too much, will you?


Have a great Throwback Thursday!



  1. This is fantastic! KDKA is one of the most popular stations around … and, for more than 35 years, a man named Bill Burns anchored some of its newscasts, which often got the highest ratings in the nation.

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