Does #FlashbackFriday Give You The Giggles?

Well, it should!

When I was watching yesterday’s commercials, I spotted one in particular for a long-discontinued cookie I really liked as a kid.  Sure enough, I had that commercial in my own collection.  Hence, today’s commercial!

No product is ever good enough to elicit a case of the giggles (not even “laughing gas” can do that!), but in the 1980s, there apparently was a product that was capable of doing just that to its young consumers.

Today, we look back to 1987, and meet a boy whose sister has a case of the giggles…over a cookie!


As he says, she likes the funny faces…


But he likes the two kinds of creme in the middle!


See for yourself how a cookie could elicit such a response, when you click play below!

Giggles, made by Nabisco, were the American version of a British biscuit (cookie) called “Happy Faces.”  The American version came in chocolate or vanilla sandwich cookies, with two kinds of creme in the middle – vanilla cookies were predominantly chocolate creme, with a small bit of vanilla, with the chocolate sandwich cookies having the opposite amounts of creme.  They were available in the mid-late 1980s, and I’m pretty sure into the early 1990s.  Their British counterpart, however, goes on.  The faces aren’t nearly as cute though.

Happy Faces Biscuit.jpg

It’s like biting into the face of evil!

Seriously, given the chance, would you want to bite into something you fear would bite you back, or something that is clearly laughing at you?


My husband was a bit unsettled by the British version, but now I think the Nabisco version was a little freaky too.

As cookies go, they were tasty, like any sandwich cookie that knows its stuff.  The added bonus was the allegedly cute faces and two different kinds of creme.  This isn’t enough to make me giggle, but it certainly is enough to make me smile.

Commercials for this product always featured a kid explaining the cookie, and why they can’t understand their younger sibling’s excessive giggling.

Upload via PhakeNam

This was actually the one I remember better than the one in my own collection, but I think this is the one I saw more often.

Oh, and there was also a peanut butter creme version, featuring an entire cafeteria of kids giggling.  Here I was thinking this was going to be the commercial where no one actually did what the cookie tried to get you to do!

Upload by WishItWas1984 (Don’t we all?)

While I can’t say six-year-old me laughed like a crazy person after eating Giggles, I will say that these were a good cookie.  Not giggling good, but good.  And that, my friends, qualifies as nostalgic.

I mean, it brings a smile to my face, but I’m not laughing.

Ok, I’m laughing…at these commercials! Not because of a cookie, that’s just…

Oh, it’s Friday.  Fine!

And that does it for today’s gaggle of giggling cookie eaters. Me, I’m just going to eat my peanut butter crackers at lunchtime and contemplate where happy snacking went wrong.

Not that peanut butter sandwich crackers aren’t good, but they’re not Giggles…or cookies.

Oh well.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!



  1. I remember getting these a couple of times as a kid, but I don’t really remember being too excited about them. They seemed like those cheap duplex cookies, but with faces.

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