Relationship Stuff…(Another “Fill This Out!” Thing)

Ok…All married, engaged or DATING COUPLES – make this your status and answer honestly!

Oh yes, because I ever let these be “statuses.”

Who’s older? – Me (by seven months).  He’ll always let you know I’m his “older wife” (formerly his “older girlfriend” and “older fiancee”).  If I tell him we’re technically the same age since we graduated high school the same year, he will act dramatic and say “Nope!  Nope!  You’re older!”  (Guess why I waited till after his birthday to marry him?)

Who was interested 1st? – Him.  I had just ended a relationship, and didn’t think anyone would be interested in me.  He flirted with me, and I didn’t interpret it as flirting because “no one flirts with me.”

Same high school? – Nope, I grew up in Little Egg Harbor, NJ (Pinelands Regional High School), and he grew up in Hemet, CA (West Valley High School).  We did graduate the same year – 2001!
Most sensitive? – Me.  He is so freakin’ chill…


Honestly, this was him watching EVERYONE come into the room at our wedding.  Hands in pockets (he said “because he fidgets”), casual stance.
Worst temper? – Probably me
Loudest? – We’re both loud!

Funniest? – Him, by far!

More social? – We’re equally social
Most stubborn? – We’re pretty equal
Wakes up first? – Me.  Our one-year-old “puppy” will often climb on my chest when I’m ready to get up, and then falls asleep on me.  I envy her.

Bigger Family? – Him
Cries the most?- Me
Better singer? – We’re terrible singers…but it never stops us!
Better Driver? – Him, since I don’t drive
Better cook? – Him!
Asks for the most attention? – Neither of us do, though I didn’t mind it the entire time I was engaged!
Nicest one? – We’re both nice, but he would say I’m nicer. 🙂
Picture of us:


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