Like A Certain Car, This #ThrowbackThursday Will Be Difficult To Miss!

Because you don’t want to miss Throwback Thursday, do you?

Of course you don’t!

Last weekend, my fiancee and I went to see Batman Forever, which while clearly was not a highlight of the Batman film franchise as a whole, was delightfully campy, had some genuinely funny moments, and was one of the breakout films of Jim Carrey’s early film career.

Michael Keaton had left the series after 1992’s Batman Returns, Tim Burton retained a producer credit, but directing cred went to Joel Schumacher.  The aim of this second sequel was to appeal to younger audiences and tone down the violence after complaints of this with Batman Returns.  Boasting a pretty stellar cast, and new Batman Val Kilmer (he’d only play the Caped Crusader for this one movie), I enjoyed this movie on a whole other level than I did in 1995.

A week earlier, my fiancee went to see Batman (the 1989 film) in the theater while I was at my bridal shower.  I really wanted to do something for Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday that fell in on the whole Batman feature films of the 1980s and 1990s theme, and didn’t have to look any further than my VHS collection.

I got Batman on video in 1989 – we didn’t see it in the movie theater (likely because I was six years old when it was released theatrically) – and we loved it.  The original print of the home video had some cool “extras” on it, and that’s the subject of today’s Throwback Thursday.

So, let’s go back to 1989, and rewind the videocassette to the beginning to see…

Alfred Pennyworth calling the Gotham Convenience Store to prepare them for a certain Caped Crusader and his first world problem….


…having only one more can of Diet Coke in Wayne Manor.

Also, Diet Coke cans wearing Batman’s cape!


And there’s iconic Warner Bros. characters promoting Warner Bros. merchandise catalogs and ball caps.


Yes, they refer to hats as “Ball caps” a few times.  Daffy says you can’t watch the movie without it!

Oh, and you have to call a 900 number (a paid phone call!) just to request a catalog!


Offer good for two years, folks!!!!

We’ve got an FBI warning, an opening logo, and in all, a cool selection of VHS opening material.

This was from my VHS, and I had to fix the audio slightly (it was a bit out of sync during the dubbing/conversion process).  I think I got it as perfect as I could.

Pretty cool, huh?

Tomorrow, I’ve got another Batman-related tie in.  You’re gonna love this one!

Until then, have a great Throwback Thursday!

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