On #FlashbackFriday, Batman Needs His Diet Coke!

“News alert! Someone is stealing Gotham’s power supply. Dangerous citywide blackout!”

Forget crime committed by criminals.  The real crime in Gotham is cutting off the power supply to the city, disabling Diet Coke vending machines on random street corners, turning Batman into a Nutrasweet-sweetened soft drink-craving vigilante!

Not since that time Batman had to drive the Batmobile to the Gotham Convenience Store to get more Diet Coke (because freakin’ Alfred finished off the last can!) shopped at Zayre because of their unbeatable prices and holiday store hours has someone been passionate about, well, anything.

Ok, he is a vigilante hellbent on cleaning up crime already, so he just needs a little sustenance.


At least, that’s the story in today’s commercial from the archives, a tie in to the 1992 film Batman Returns.  It depicts Batman as on the hunt for Diet Coke amidst a progressive citywide blackout.

I have the commercial in my archives, but I found a better quality one on YouTube, so credit goes to YouTube user dwfake.  This copy proves to be much brighter and higher quality than my transfer proved to be.

Hats off to you, dwfake!

Upload via dwfake

Blasted Catwoman was the reason for this all along!


But you gotta admit, this was the best use of Batman’s cool gadgets EVER!

Did anyone ever tell him how gross diet soda really tastes?  Just trying to help him out any way I can!

Now, I thought this commercial appeared on the VHS copy of Batman Returns, but I also remember it airing on television during the summer leading up to the movie’s release (I found it among my VHS recordings from 1992).  Apparently, it never appeared on the VHS print.  Very strange, considering the Diet Coke plug on the 1989 movie’s VHS release.

And there you have it, a nice little relic of promotional tie-ins, featuring a superhero who enjoyed movie fame in the 1990s, promoting diet soda.  Diet Coke was big on celebrities promoting their drink in the early 1990s, but Batman puts it right over the top.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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