#MusicMonday – May 6, 2019

I never knew there’d come a day when I’d be sayin’ to you, don’t let this good Music Monday slip away…

From songs about cheating on someone with an older woman to songs about not letting a good one get away, Music Monday (once again) toys with your love life and emotions with today’s song, a chart-topper from 1982, and one of the group’s most popular songs.

“Caught Up in You” is a 1982 song by Southern Rock group 38 Special, from their album Special Forces (the group’s fifith studio album, this is the second single released from the album). Co-written by Survivor’s Jim Peterik, this single was their first to top the Top Rock chart, and one of their two top 10 pop hits. So if it has a “Survivor with a Southern Charm” kind of sound, you know why.

38 Special formed in 1974 in Jacksonville, Florida. Donnie Van Zant (younger brother of Lynryd Skynryd founder Ronnie Van Zant) and his friend Don Barnes founded the group. The 1980s saw the group transition from a Southern rock influence to more of an arena rock style mixed with their Southern sound. As we know, the early 1980s was big for the arena rock-style sound, which also took on the title of Album-Oriented Rock. Special Forces only furthered that sound.

The beginning of the song used confuse me with another 38 Special song, “Hold on Loosely” until the song actually picks up (there’s no mistaking the sound once it does, as it is totally different).

Why not get caught up in 38 Special’s love for you? If anything, they’re faithful!

“Caught Up in You” reached #1 on the Billboard Top Rock Chart, and #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1982 (year ending 1982 at #53). The group would strike gold with another Top 10 single in the late 1980s, “Second Chance” (from their 1988 album, Rock & Roll Strategy).

38 Special, despite various personnel changes, is still around today, with original member Don Barnes (who has been a member on and off since the beginning, having left the group in 1987, but returning in 1992). Co-founder Donnie Van Zant stayed with the group until 2014, after suffering inner-ear nerve damage. He has since retired.

Unlike some groups that have broken up but reunited and continue to perform to this day (like The Doobie Brothers and The Eagles), 38 Special has stayed together and endured the test of time.

Source: Pure Southern Rock

Very easy to get caught up in such good music, don’t you think?

I think so!

Also easy to get caught up in? Having a great Monday, and enjoying the music!

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