Semi-New Weekly Article: Do You Remember? Tuesdays

Yes, you remember Tuesdays.  That’s just the uncreative way I was able to name this!

If you’ve been visiting Allison’s Written Words lately, you’ve probably noticed a new weekly series of articles of the nostalgic sort, but around different (and sometimes obscure) aspects of our very nostalgic past.

I’ve been trying a new experiment with research-based articles, mixed with a little personal nostalgia where I can apply it.  I found this combined formula of research with a little personal touch thrown in really gets the conversation going.

My plan is to continue this throughout 2019.  Not everything will have a personal touch, and not every month will have a theme, but it is really proving to be a nice start toward restructuring Allison’s Written Words overall.

As always, new articles are published by Tuesday morning at 10 am EDT/EST.  Sometimes these posts will be later (usually early afternoon), depending on any unforeseen delays – I had one delay due to having too much information to compile – talk about your happy problems!

Do You Remember? Tuesday

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