The “What Ifs” of Music: The Sequel

They do, they don’t, they didn’t, they did, consequences, actions…what if something happened else instead of the actual song lyrics?

Let’s tackle more “What Ifs” of music!

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What if…

It wasn’t the time of your life?

You took Phil Collins home…or didn’t?

Your love didn’t open the door?

When we got there, we didn’t jump in the air?

You didn’t make Hall and Oates’ dreams come true?

Kenny Loggins wasn’t alright?

…and what if he was somebody’s fool?

…there wasn’t a heartache tonight?

She didn’t save the last dance for you?

…the sound of doves crying made a totally different noise?

…she didn’t wear a Raspberry Beret?

You were back in…plaid?  Or paisley?

You couldn’t hang tough with New Kids on the Block?

What if you had…the wrong stuff (baby)?

…Color Me Badd didn’t want to sex you up?

…they didn’t do all for love?

…he wasn’t a lonely boy?

…if Tom Jones didn’t know what he should  do, to make you (make you) love him?

…the people of China Grove (down near San Anton-io) weren’t strange?

…Jesus was not just alright?

How many “what ifs” of music can you come up with?



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