Network Television’s Younger, Hipper Cousin: The Early Years

There was a time of limited channels.  We called it Basic Cable, and a new channel coming around was surprising!

On June 1, 1994, a new network made its way onto the scene. It was a Fox network, but it was Fox’s younger, hipper cousin. He was the original Nostalgia Guru, bringing reruns of popular television shows from the 1960s through the early 1990s. He lived in an apartment in New York City’s flat iron district, where all original programming and filler between shows was broadcast on a daily basis. He also bragged about being the first “living television network,” and interaction was integral to the network’s early days – they wanted us to call, send a fax…and even email them!

Who was this younger, hipper cousin?

Find out over on Retroist!

Do You Remember When FX Was The World’s First “Living Television Network?”

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