The “What Ifs” Of Music

A little preface to this writing exercise of sorts.

When I was in high school, I took a writing class my senior year.  Every morning, at the beginning of class, I would jot down things to get my brain going. Movie titles, movie quotes, television quotes, song titles – nothing was off limits.  I would check my watch and do this in about five minutes.  It got my brain going every morning.

These types of exercises were the reason I loved the Daily Post on WordPress.  I loved being able to get my brain jogging every time I tried a prompt out.  Most were done in less than ten minutes; others were worked on each day for a few minutes and published at the end of the month as one big prompt.

When I saw this on Facebook the other day, it got my brain going:


A prompt!  The post (one of those chain posts) implored commenters to keep this going.  But, like anything else I write about, I knew I could take this a step further.

Setting my watch for ten minutes, getting what ifs of song lyrics.


What if…

Chicago didn’t think you were a hard habit to break?

Whitney Houston wasn’t saving all her love for you?

Milli Vanilli didn’t blame it on the rain?

All-4-One didn’t swear by the moon and the stars in the sky that they’d be there?

This was never Madonna’s playground?

The story wasn’t about morning glory and the serpentine fire?

It’s not your party, and you can’t cry if you want to?

Twisted Sister was just going to take it?

The Beastie Boys weren’t going to fight for their right to party?

What if what goes around doesn’t come around?

There was no highway to the danger zone?

There was a fire extinguisher at the disco inferno?

She wasn’t a brick house, because she didn’t just let it all hang out.  Hey, she’s more than a pretty face.  She has brains too!

You could call someone else other than the Ghostbusters?

His kicks were not really fast as lightning?

You weren’t a private dancer for money?

You were not out of touch, nor time?


Grand Total: 18

Not bad!

Get your brain going.  How many “What ifs” of the music world can you come up with?


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