#MusicMonday -February 25, 2019

It’s Music Monday, and I can’t stop, and I can’t stop, got to keep on movin’ or I’ll lose my mind…

Ok, for the sake of writing this article, I’ll stop…or at least slow down!

For the last three weeks, it has been about love songs (because Valentine’s Day and all), but I figured this week would be a good time to take February out on a high note, something a little more spirited and rockin’. Oh, and I’ve heard this song live, so I know it gets people up and singing. This group has also been a fixture on Music Monday, with two previous visits to get us going at the top of the week. But while the two previous featured songs were notable releases, this one never actually got a proper release the first time around.

“Rockin’ Down the Highway” is a 1972 song by The Doobie Brothers, released as part of their second album, Toulouse Street (known for the album cover, which was taken in a former brothel in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Toulouse Street (1972) Source: Warner Bros. Records / Wikipedia

This album only saw two releases, “Listen to the Music” (another one of the group’s “Get ‘Em On Their Feet” songs) and “Jesus is Just Alright” (which I’ve been familiar with since the character of Millie Kentner sang it on Freaks and Geeks).

Source: Mark Watches

I think my mom was impressed that I knew that particular Doobie Brothers song, until I told her after the concert where I’d heard it. It became not-so-surprising after that.

Anyway, the reason we’re really here…

“Rockin’ Down the Highway” never actually received a proper official release in 1972 as part of the album, but it does get concert play (The Doobie Brothers sang it as the third song in their set). It is the second single on side one of the album, following “Listen to the Music.” Toulouse Street charted at #21 on the Pop Albums chart in 1972.

As for future releases, “Rockin’ Down the Highway” has appeared on compilation albums released by the group, among them Listen to the Music: The Very Best of the Doobie Brothers (1993) and Greatest Hits (2001). I haven’t heard a Doobie Brothers song I didn’t like (some I didn’t realize were from their catalog of songs), and this one ranks up there with my personal favorite, “China Grove” (covered on Music Monday for September 11, 2017).

Let’s close out this Music Monday entry, as well as Music Monday for February 2019, with a song about rockin’ down a highway that we hope doesn’t lead to the backwards town of China Grove.

Until next week, have a great Monday, and enjoy the Music.

Other Times Music Monday Has Rocked Down the Highway With The Doobie Brothers…


“China Grove” was the first time I covered a Doobie Brothers song, but I covered “Black Water” on November 5, 2018, after seeing the group in concert on November 3, 2018 at the Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ. I tell that story amidst the music for that entry.

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