#ThrowbackThursday Goes Local!

Because shopping locally is always good practice!

A little backstory on how I came across today’s commercial:

I was hunting around in my video archives while doing tape transfers to digital, and found today’s gem of a commercial among a block of commercials taped during NBC’s former programming block “NBC All Night.”  On the weekends, after Saturday Night Live (on the Philadelphia NBC station) or Showtime At the Apollo (on the New York NBC station).  Late nights on any local network means local advertising, since costs are relatively cheap. Have you ever noticed local commercials in an abundance after a certain hour, especially the inexpensive-looking type?  This is why!

Today’s commercial found its way onto a tape from March 2001, and fits this week’s theme of wedding commercials.  Not because I’m getting married this week, but because we are doing bridesmaids dresses on Saturday afternoon.  I’ll be shopping with them at That Big Designer Dress Store (you know the one – I bought my dress from there), but if we didn’t have that option, and a boutique was the only way to go, then I’d take that option.

The people of Broomall, Pennsylvania knew about this all too well, and probably flocked to today’s featured commercial, the first on Throwback/Flashback to be a local avail.

You’re gonna love this!

So…getting married?

Trust NO ONE EVER, and go right to Lillian’s Bridal Salon of Broomall!

Meet Lillian!

screenshot - 4

I used to wonder what Elizabeth Taylor was doing living in the Philadelphia suburbs!

(Not really Elizabeth Taylor, Ms. Lillian just looks like her in this commercial)

Find out all of her services and bragging rights, when you click play!

Lillian (in this business) was Lillian Jackson, the sole owner and proprietor of Lillian’s Bridal Salon of Broomall.  She started the business in 1958 in Havertown, PA before moving the business to West Chester Pike in Broomall.  She managed and operated her business until retiring at the age of 83, and sadly, passed away in 2014 at the age of 1992.

screenshot - 6

The commercial itself was on a tape from 2001, but the voiceover says “Lillian has been satisfying brides for 32 years, and loves every minute of it!”  Now, I did the math, and if the bridal salon opened in 1958, 32 years would be…1990.  So…this commercial was eleven years old and still being used.  I admire the use of nostalgia anywhere it can be found, but…this avail never got updated.  It seems like Lillian didn’t need to update it, her business spoke for itself, but wow, anyone from “out of town” (like me – what if I was in the market for a wedding dress at that time?) would have been wondering what kind of dresses she sold.

In all, this is everything a local commercial is meant to be.  I used to see this whenever I’d be up late on a Saturday night (which was all the time), and am well aware it ran until the early 2000s.

Knowing that Lillian was able to have a dress ready in 48 hours, and obviously, her work is beautiful based on this commercial, no wonder she stayed in business as long as she did.  Veils off to you, Lillian Jackson!

screenshot - 4

So, sadly, a defunct bridal business, but only because of retirement.

Tomorrow, we’ll watch another wedding commercial as Wedding Week continues on Allison’s Written Words.

Until then, have a great Throwback Thursday!

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