You’re Going to Miss Christmas Eve With the #FlashbackFriday!

Four more days till Christmas!  Are you ready yet?

If you’re not, well…yesterday and today’s commercials don’t really make for great suggestions, since well, outdated products.  However, if you’re all for trying to find these products, then by all means, watch on!

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It’s a few days before Christmas, and this week, we are looking at ways to capture the memories of Christmas.

So wake up all the toys…


Because it’s Christmas Eve! Think of all the shots someone’s not going to miss…

Because someone got the camera mentioned in this commercial!

(Click play!)

The Kodak Disk Camera was first introduced on the market by Kodak in 1982, holding fifteen 10×8 mm exposures, but the result was usually poor film quality in terms of definition and grain.  As a result, this wasn’t a high-selling technology, but the camera itself looks pretty cool.


To date, a small number of labs (as of 2017) still print the film from this camera. Film disk technology itself went out of production in 1999. I saw one listed on Etsy for $4.99, up to $29.99 on eBay.  It looks like a nice collectors piece.

But Kodak still exists to this day, 130 years strong, despite bankruptcy and outmoded products.  Interestingly enough, Kodak manufactured the film used in Polaroid cameras, until Polaroid began to do so themselves in 1969, with Kodak leaving the instant film business in early 1986.  Kodak’s traditional (film) cameras were discontinued by 2004.

This commercial ran in 1984, and featured the Disc 3100 camera, which sold between 1984 and 1987.

I like the portability of this camera, but knowing its disadvantages would probably have kept me from buying it (had the ability to research it been a thing), but it looks like a nifty little camera!

The Christmas fun keeps on going, with just a few more days until The Day!

Until then, have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!


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