#ThrowbackThursday…Now for Under Thirty Big Ones!

We’re in the homestretch of Christmas…five days and counting!

We all look for ways to save on the gifts everyone wants the most, whether it is coupon codes online, by email, or physical coupons we clip or get in snail mail, the bigger the deal, the better the idea of the gift sounds.

On the other side of the coin (and completely unrelated to saving money), when we were kids, we wanted nothing more than to catch Santa in the act.

Today’s three part harmony of commercials looks to capture a great deal, while capturing a magical moment.  We’re going back to 1991 and 1987 for all of this, and turning to our friends at the instant photography company known as Polaroid to make this happen.


Looking to save money on a camera this Christmas?

Look no further than Polaroid cameras!  The savings will surprise you!


…and so will the surprises your camera photographs!


Find out all about it when you click play!

I actually don’t remember the “under 30 bucks/30 big ones” commercial, but the “trying to catch Santa” commercial totally sticks out in my head.  It is a classic, and I love the little girl’s reaction to the letter thanking the kids for the cookies, milk, and the beautiful Polaroid picture…



That would be my reaction too!

I also love Santa’s Polaroid, he looks so surprised!


The “bucks” and “big ones” commercials are funny, especially when the sumo wrestlers all go “hey!”


Polaroid Corporation has been around since 1937, and despite bankruptcies in 2001 and 2008, is still operating to this day.  The model advertised in the 1991 commercials is the Polaroid One-Step Flash, and the 1987 commercial features the Sun Autofocus 660.  Film is still easy to obtain for Polaroid cameras, and there are still Polaroid cameras on the market.

However, I’m betting these particular ones are great collectors pieces!

And there you have it, instant photography in its original form.  No digital technology, computers to print out the photos, or an internet connection needed.  It’s you, the camera, and a photo that pops out of the camera instantly.


Snapshot(7)And this isn’t the only magic of camera awesomeness.  Come back tomorrow for another camera that captures the magic of the holiday season.  Until then, have a great Throwback Thursday!

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