Throwback/Flashback Christmas Kick-Off – Part 2

We’re kicking off Christmas 2018 on Allison’s Written Words with a big two-part Throwback/Flashback weekend, and today, it’s time for part two!


Once again, we’re in the magical year of 2002, watching more commercials from WNBC 4 New York, and a live taping of Saturday Night Live from December 14, 2002.  For those who want to know, former Vice President Al Gore was the host.

Included in this set:



Ugh, this show.


Think Charlie’s Angels but, well, modern day and never airing in primetime.  I remember this being on when I was in college, but I don’t think it lasted long.  I used to watch a few minutes of it on Sunday nights while I was getting ready for bed, and it just seemed terrible.  I remember thinking the title sounded like a Saturday Night Live TV show parody that Tina Fey would come up with.

The show ran for two seasons (from 2002 until 2004), and ran in syndication, but aired its first four episodes on NBC (their syndication arm was one of the producers.

Enough about that, we’ve got Lord of the Rings sequels!


Christmas Vacation broadcasts!


Holiday car sales!


Nobody Beats The Wiz…except the competitors.

Seriously, Best Buy and Circuit City commercials air in this same block.  By this point, The Wiz was nearing the end of its brick-and-mortar life, and in February 2003, the chain closed permanently. It has been revived as an online store, but is under PC Richard and Son (they of the famous whistle used in advertising and during Yankees games that makes my brother’s Yorkie freak out).

Ah The Wiz, you’ll always be part of a funny Seinfeld moment.


So, what is this coupon good for anyway?

Let’s just move on.

We’ve got Old Spice and office affairs.


Have you seen Disclosure?  Nothing good can come from this!

Just ask Judge Joe Brown!


A Broadway show with an interesting title…


I love the theater patrons they asked about the show.  This commercial was so memorable, and it aired often!

It began on Broadway in 2001, running to 2004 at Henry Miller’s Theatre.  As recently as 2015, it was Off-Broadway, as it had been in 2001 prior to opening on Broadway.

Uh oh…


(It’s a MAACO commercial)

Feliz Navidad!


Early camera cell phones!


And Burt Reynolds!

SnapShot(12)We’re got movie previews, television show promos, and plenty of goods and services that will make you pine for 2002.  If pining for 2002 is your thing.

I only made minor edits to this block, removing commercials promoting Saturday Night Live Christmas 2002, to avoid a copyright block.  Aside from two instances of that, and the removal of all Saturday Night Live host and musical guest bumpers (which I left in while originally copying this tape about eight years ago), this is a complete set.

So go on, click play and pine away for 2002 all over again!

And there you have it, Christmas on Allison’s Written Words is officially kicked off!  I’ve got plenty coming up for the month, including Christmas-themed cartoons you may have forgotten, commercials from the Christmas archives, and other things I haven’t planned out yet.  I may surprise myself with what I find out there on the interwebs!

Have a great day, and Music Monday will be along tomorrow with the first in a series of Christmas songs to kick off your week!

Twenty-three days and counting to Christmas!

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