There #FlashbackFriday Was, Just A-Walkin’ Down the Street…

…singing doo-wah-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-doo!

Flashback Friday looked good, looked fine, wedding bells are gonna chime!

Well, not really, but it is Friday, and that means something!

This week, we’re singing a tune, and hoping we know the lyrics and titles of well-known songs.  Yesterday, the Schmikler Sisters (essentially the lily white version of The Supremes, but third rate and extremely low-rent), showed us how they wound down after a Big Performance…

They played NoteAbility!

This game required players to be able to guess the song title from a few notes tapped out on a tiny battery-powered piano, but did not require musical talent.  All you needed was a penchant for song titles, provided you know something about songs from the 1950s and 1960s.

Today, we’re staying in 1991 and playing a similar-but-different music game, this time, requiring knowledge of song lyrics!

These are the players…

(Just as lily white as the Schmikler Sisters)

…and they’re playing SongBurst!


SongBurst, you say?

Why yes!  Click play and see for yourself!


SongBurst was a complete the lyrics game, manufactured by Hersch, and came in two versions – a 50s and 60s game (for ages 18 and up), and a 70s and 80s version (for ages 10 and up).  The game was manufactured in 1991, but I’m hard-pressed to find when it was discontinued.  The game is out-of-print, but there are copies of both versions floating around the Amazon Marketplace (the 70s and 80s version goes for $69.99 currently).  Like NoteAbility, this game doesn’t require musical ability (so it doesn’t discriminate), but it does require you to tap into that reserve within your brain where you store all the song lyrics you’ve ever gotten stuck in your head (by choice or otherwise 🙂 ).

The other requirement is that you don’t have to be dorky white people – or dorky people in general – but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt.


Once more with feeling, dude.

Whoah, too much feeling!

Now, if I had been old enough in 1991 (I was nine years old, which was only slightly younger than the suggested age for the 70s and 80s version), the 50s and 60s version would not have appealed to me.  These days, I could probably play it successfully.

You all know how I’d feel about the 70s and 80s version today, but in 1991, I would have known the 80s songs.  Like you doubted that for a second.

And there you have it, the final Flashback Friday of 2018 to not feature something Christmas-like.  Beginning with next week’s Throwback Thursday, we’ll focus on Christmas goodies.  I’m working on my list, and checking it twice, to not only bring you some good stuff, but also to not sound like a broken record that likes repeating the same cheesy joke over and over again.

Tis the season to be merrily annoying.

Who wrote that?!

Have a great Flashback Friday, and a fantastic weekend!


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