When You Want It Done #ThrowbackThursday

…or not at all.  Your choice!

It is (inevitably) fall, which (unfortunately) leads to winter.  But since we’re not there yet, let’s just focus on fall.  With fall comes the tradition of yards blanketed in leaves.  There’s the time-honored tradition of trying to clean them all up and get them out of the yard.  As we know, there is nothing quite like slipping while walking on a wet ground covered in wet leaves.

But cleanup is such a hassle – you have to rake them up, figure out a way to get them in a giant garbage bag, and then haul it to the curb.  I live in a condo complex, so this isn’t exactly an  issue, since our landscaping company is supposed to handle it.  But I did live in a house at one time, so I do remember when leaves had to be cleaned up by us.  My dad actually had a landscaper take care of our yard, and they took care of the leaves that came with it.

Of course, the pros know how to clean it up.  But for the rest of us…well, try not to be like the guy in today’s commercial.

All of this said, let’s move into the year 1997 (coincidentally, this commercial was on a tape made on November 1, 1997, 21 years ago today!), and learn all about the hassles of yard work.

So we have this guy, and it hurts when he does this…


…and this…


…especially when he does this…


But, it is the worst when he does this!


What does his doctor think he should do about all of this?

Well, click play and find out!

Simple solution for a complex problem: Just don’t do it.

Yes, get rid of the rake and get thyself a Toro Super Blower!

Blow all those problems away…into your neighbor’s yard so it becomes their pain and suffering!

But of course!!!!

Toro (originally Toro Motor Company) was established in 1914, and still exists to this day, manufacturing yard equipment, irrigation supplies, and turf maintenance equipment.  The year this commercial aired, Toro purchased Exmark Manufacturing (one of their many acquisitions over the years), which is the brand name used for their commercial mowers.  To this day, the leaf blowers the company makes are still manufactured under the Toro name.


Obviously, they’ve been doing it right for 104 years, because they’re still around!

So…one commercial down, and the company still exists!  I call it a win!

Let’s see if we can keep that trend going for tomorrow, when we continue to look at yard work made easy and pain-free.

Until then, have a great Throwback Thursday, and, um, if it hurts, just don’t do it.

Yeah, that.  Just don’t.  Because why would you?

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