#FlashbackFriday Hates Grass Clippings Spraying EVERYWHERE!

But, Flashback Friday loves “As Seen on TV” moments in commercials.

Do you hate lawnmowers that spray clippings everywhere?


What about mowers with bags you have to empty, and could possibly dump all over the place?


How do you feel about guys doing yard work in khakis and nice shoes?


If you have an issue with even one of these things (or have similar “it hurts when I do this” issues like in yesterday’s commercial), call this number…


But also click play to see how you can remedy the hardships of lawnmower fallacies!

That’s right – call an 800 number, get a catalog…


Buy a mower that creates mulch from your grass clippings and leaves…


And profit from a beautiful lawn!

That’s the magic of Troy-Bilt!


Troy-Bilt is a New York-based manufacturer of equipment meant to tackle the everyday jobs of maintaining one’s yard.  They were owned by Garden Way, Inc. until 2001.  At that time, Troy-Bilt’s Garden Way Inc. was acquired by MTD products (a direct competitor to Toro, who also manufactures Toro’s low-end lawn and garden tractor products for Home Depot). But – and this is the good news! – the Troy-Bilt name still exists!

Two brands that still maintain their names to this very day?  You know what that means…we’re two for two in companies that still exist!

It shouldn’t be as exciting as it is, but it is.

And there you have it, your yard care issues solved!

Have a great Flashback Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

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