#Halloween Recap: Avengers Secret Wars “Why I Hate Halloween”

Happy Halloween, readers (and listeners)! 

Hope your Halloween is treating you well today!

I decided to change up my traditional holiday-themed recap, and give it an audio twist.  Today, we’re moving away from the traditional nostalgia (seems messing with the format is the standard this go-around), and I’ll be talking about a Halloween-themed episode within a series, and looking at something from – prepare yourself! – 2017!  

In this recap, I’ll be looking at the Avengers Assemble – er, excuse me, Avengers Secret Wars (it is season four after all!) – episode “Why I Hate Halloween.”


“Why I Hate Halloween” originally aired on October 8, 2017. This episode is slightly different from the others for a few reasons – specifically, it falls right in the middle of an ongoing story arc.  The actual storyline falls during season three (which was the story arc featuring Ultron, who obviously got the week off).  This makes it seem out of place during season four, but stick with me. At the time this episode aired, the Avengers were separated and flung out in time and space thanks to a new incarnation of the Cabal, as Black Panther and a newly-assembled team of Avengers work to find the original team, wherever and whenever they are.   

This episode eschews with that story arc and drops in a holiday…Halloween!  It also focuses on the somewhat underappreciated Avenger Clint “Hawkeye” Barton, and shows that he is more than just an arrow-slinging “faux-superhero.”

Seriously, who couldn’t possibly love this guy?

Oh, and we find out what the title’s significance is!

So, whenever you’re ready, click play below!  Be easy on me, I don’t do recaps in this fashion ever.  Keep that in mind, and if you enjoyed it, be sure to drop a kind word.

Thanks for listening!


  1. As far as I can tell, Assemble is finished its run.

    However, there are three other animated Avengers’ series that are worth watching. Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Marvel’s Avengers: DISK Wars, and now Marvel Future Avengers. He does – a.k.a. EMH – came out before Assemble did. It only lasted two seasons, but it is GOOD! DISK Wars and Future Avengers are both Japanese producrions; Future Avengers has been translated into English, but DISK Wars still requires English subtitles.

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    1. I actually watched this on Halloween in 2017 as well, so I’ve seen it twice. 🙂 I should definitely cover another Avengers Assemble episode at some point. I got about halfway through this recent season, and I really need to finish it. To the best of my understanding, it isn’t coming back, is it?

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