Show Us Your #FlashbackFriday Pack!

Its not what it sounds like, I promise!

This week, we took a dip back into the archives of 1001 Classic Commercials for a chance of spotting a product that may or may not exist anymore.

Yesterday, we met a Passionate Pickle Easter Who Demands Perfection from her pickles, and will go to measures (yes, measures!) to make that happen.


Pickle Lady, SMASH!

But let’s move on from this scene, and to another very happening scene with today’s commercial from the archives of 1968!

We made it to Friday, and that means…PARTY TIME!  Divy up what everyone should bring, put on your finest, and…


Like a fashion show of the absurd, this sign implores you, the partygoer, to show off your pizza roll pack, specifically, your Jeno’s Pizza Roll Pack!

He has it!


She has it…


…and so do they!

They don’t, but they’re there for the party!


There’s ordinary appetizers…

…and there’s Jeno’s Pizza Rolls!


But wait, someone is about to make an appearance at this party!  Click play to find out WHO!

The Lone Ranger?


Apparently, Tonto likes the taste of Jeno’s Pizza Rolls!

“Excuse me?  Who was that masked man?”


Lady, don’t you own a television?

But who cares?!  Join the crowd!


They all go nuts for Jeno’s Pizza Rolls!


So…Jeno’s Pizza Rolls.

Pizza rolls were the creation of food entrepeneur Jeno Paulucci, who created them in 1951.  The brand was sold to Pillsbury in 1985, who already owned Totino’s Pizza Rolls.  By 1993, Jeno’s was rebranded as Totino’s, thus retiring the name.  Paulucci passed away at the ripe old age of 93 years old in November 2011.  But his pizza rolls still exist to this day, even if the name is retired.

So the basic concept is still there, even if the name isn’t.

Friends, we can call this a win!  The product still exists!  We are two for two this week, even if it is on a technicality!

Break out the party hats…and the choice appetizers!

Oh, we’re not doing that?

Anyway, that does it for this week.  We’ve products that still exist, celebrity cameos, and people are quite passionate about their foodstuff.

Next week, more from the archives, but until then…


Ok, fine!  No parties.  But pizza rolls for all!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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