So Good, It’s #FlashbackFriday

…but not to be confused with that time that Throwback Thursday was so good.

I mean, that was good but…it wasn’t Friday good…

Freedom of choice.  It’s a beautiful thing.  We like having choices and options, flexibility and the best we can have.  We also like a good value to go with our choices.

Yesterday, a doctor told us about a patient who required a specialized surgery, and how he found the right surgeon.  It was what he would have done for his own family.  Today, we stay in 1986 and learn about the freedom of choosing the right doctors, and knowing that our health insurance will cover their costs.

We have two different people…

…Talking health insurance, and about why they chose Blue Cross Blue Shield Personal Choice.

Find out their reasons when you click play!

I’ve had Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield as my insurance provider since 2011, but had their insurance as a dependent on my dad’s health insurance plans as a kid, well into my college years.  It has a great network of doctors and specialists, and gives me pretty good flexibility to see who I want to see.  I’ve had two surgeries and one in-office procedure, and the co-pays were on the affordable side.  These people wouldn’t trust their care to anything else, and I haven’t had to trust my health, the surgeries I’ve needed, or my ankle issues to any other insurance company.

I don’t believe they have this type of plan anymore, but it definitely sounds like an EPO/PPO-esque model of insurance plan.


They even try to claim bragging rights.

Rightly so.

Well, there you have it, another day, another insurance plan worth finding out about. Next week, a lighter topic, I promise!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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