This Is, Like #ThrowbackThursday Good!

I mean, it’s not Friday, but it is still good!

We’re almost there.  The weekend is in sight, and we’re finally getting that nice warm June weather we’ve come to expect from June.  After all the rain, the ridiculous pollen count, and cooler weather, it is so refreshing to look out my office window and see gren grass and sunny skies.  Oh, and leaving the house in the morning with no jacket or sweater.

It’s almost Father’s Day weekend, and I remembered a tape I made during a Lifetime Movie Marathon, when they were airing Father-themed movies.  Most of the movies involved dear old dad abandoning the family or wronging the wife and kids in some other way, but a few of the movies that aired that weekend (because they’ve aired other years as well) involved dad stepping up to the plate and being a dad.  The movie I was taping involved daddy stepping up to the plate.  And I won’t lie, I probably watched 95% of that marathon!

Back by popular viewership, I’ve compiled the commercial breaks during the June 2002 airing of The Bachelor’s Baby (a great – but very rare – gem of a made-for-TV movie) on Lifetime.


Scott Bakula and a cute baby are a win-win.

I’ve broken up the blocks from the entire movie into two parts – part one today, and part two tomorrow.

Included in today’s commercials:

Empty yogurt cup problems…


Smart drinks!


Alice Cooper for spending time with your family…and jump roping!

Total dad fashion!


Legal services for diet drugs!


That time that David DeLuise didn’t overstuff a dog for the sake of clearing his fridge to store his beer.


He’s so cute…and so is his dog!

Don’t forget what channel you’re watching!


Jerry Stiller for Saran Wrap problems!


Oops, wrong movie!



And finally (for the sake of this article), a device that deletes your phone number from telemarketing companies.

We’ve got promos for other movies coming up in the weekend-long marathon, along with plenty of other commercials.  So, go ahead, click play, and bask in nostalgia!

The Alice Cooper commercial (for Marriot hotels) brings back memories.


“You don’t want them to grow up weird, do you?”

Hurry up, take the kids on vacation, get them away for the weekend!  Bond with them!  Because Alice Cooper said so!

And now that you’ve basked in the awesomeness of part one of this two-part commercial block, Flashback Friday will be back with the rest of the commercials in this collection tomorrow!

Until then, have a great Throwback Thursday!



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