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Does Retroist Know The Answers to “Questions 67 and 68”?

Better yet, do they know the answers…in Japanese?

In the grand tradition of Chicago doing amazing things with their talents (ok, disco is not an amazing thing, it was selling out, plain and simple), how about a well-known song from their classics catalog…in Japanese!

Hey, hear me out!  Why don’t you read the article?

Chicago Sings “Questions 67 and 68″…in Japanese!

Oh, and this marks the first Retroist article since I was bestowed the honor of being a full-fledged editor privileges on the site. I’m very excited about this fact, and would like to thank our fearless leader, The Retroist, and my wonderful co-editor/article publisher for their support and allowing me to write about something I love for the last three years!  Thank you!


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