Do You Remember That Night We Made That Little…#FlashbackFriday?


May you never have to return Flashback Friday, for any reason!

And hopefully, a whole group of people aren’t gathered around watching any embarrassing awkwardness.

We’re wrapping up the week with another block of commercials, following up on yesterday’s jaunt into early 1999. Today, we’re watching a different Fox station, WTXF (Fox Philadelphia), during the season seven premiere of The X-Files on November 7, 1999 (after an all-new episode of Futurama).

Included in this rather scandalous commercial block:

The Fox Sunday Night Lineup of many a 1990s kid, musical cars, matching Nokia phones for the entire family, Betty White, Steve Sanders, dangerous domesticated animals, the scandalous videocassette you dropped off at the video store (!!!), 1999 websites that tried to be like Amazon, the old guys who loved those websites, and deadly SUVs.

Fox was always good as those suspenseful teasers!

We’ve got promos, movie previews, Steve Sanders (forget Brandon Walsh and Dylan McKay – when I was a kid, I was a Steve Sanders girl!), sexy videos accidentally returned to the video store, Betty White, hopefully no sexy videos accidentally returned to the video store with Betty White in them (scandalous!), dot-coms, and David Duchovny.

Go on, click play! The commercials are waiting for you!

The 1990s were a magical time!

I hope you enjoyed this end-of-the-week stroll back into the late 1990s. It was fun for me, and hey, we got to watch good commercials.

Nothing scandalous or sexy happened, either.

We hope.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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