Life On Land Is #ThrowbackThursday…

…and it involves crab leg feasts, Pepsi One, and Flutie Flakes!

We also have Diet Dr. Pepper and Sprite here, if Pepsi One is not your thing!

Back by popular viewership, I have dug up yet another commercial block, this time dating to Sunday, January 17, 1999? How do I know the date? Well…the recording was of The X-Files, which was a mainstay of Fox’s Sunday night lineup, the Golden Globes are mentioned briefly, and I checked the episode guide against the one on the recording.

Honestly, all I did was check the episode guide.

My brother used to record episodes of The X-Files faithfully, especially during the 1998-1999 and 1999-2000 seasons, and I found some of those videocassettes in a box long after he moved out. So I grabbed them and added them to my giant box of videocassettes. When I started doing digital dubbing last fall, I remembered his videocassettes.

I’m not disappointed in what I found.

Included in this commercial block:

Youth Smoking Prevention PSAs (Do they really work?), Doug Flutie hocking Flutie Flakes and 10-10 dialing prefixes, the then-new Disney Cruise Line, phone plans that save on weekends, the aforementioned crab legs, a commercial that’s about a “Love Triangle,” but not the kind you’re thinking, Billy Bob Thornton, a then-new one calorie Pepsi, one of those “cat dances for food” commercials, a commercial for a time when airlines actually loved to fly (and it showed!), and a company you keep…for life insurance!

We’ve got product placements, movie promos, Fox programming promos from the earliest part of 1999, all right here! You can thank my brother for recording The X-Files faithfully back in 1999!

Whenever you’re ready, go on and click play! The commercials await you!

Tomorrow, we’ll dig into more commercials from the last year of the previous century, from the archives of my brother’s old X-Files recordings.

Hey, some of us have way too many Saturday Night Live recordings, others have too many X-Files recordings. We all have our weaknesses!

Have a great Throwback Thursday!

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