Having #FlashbackFriday Yet?

It’s Friday and summer…what more do you need?

This week, we’re living the summer life, since we’re well into the thick of the season.  Yesterday, we saw a catchy gimmick by Toyota to sell cars and meet national sales goals.  Today, we’re taking steps to have fun this summer.

In the late 1970s and up through 2004, the New York area had a well0known electronics store in the vein of Best Buy and Circuit City called (at first) The Wiz, and later going by its slogan Nobody Beats the Wiz (seriously, that was the name of the store for years!).  Started by brothers Douglas, Lawrence, Marvin, and Stephan Jemal in New York City in 1977, the store took on its slogan as a store name in the early 1990s.

At their height, they were a major sponsor for all the New York-area sports franchises (New York Yankees, Mets, Rangers, Islanders, Knicks, and the New Jersey Nets and Devils), and also catered to two NHL franchises outside of the greater New York area – the Flyers (Philadephia, PA), and Canadiens (Montreal, Quebec). Their advertising was synonymous with sports telecasts.  I don’t remember a time where I was watching a Yankees game (or going to one), and not seeing a commercial, hearing the name, or seeing the ad in the outfield signage for Nobody Beats the Wiz. You didn’t just call it “The Wiz,” you called it by its proper name, because that’s what it was.

However, in 1998, after much expansion and growth, the company filed for bankruptcy. It was bought by Cablevision, which operated the chain’s 94 stores until the company closed permanently in 2003.  Today’s commercial is from 1998, and reflects that new acquisition by Cablevision.

In this commercial, we have a couple enjoying a nice night on their porch, counting stars…


Except they’re actually paying attention to a bug zapper.


The commercial pitchman asks the important question…


And then we find out what kind of fun they could be having if they shop at Nobody Beats the Wiz!

Buy stuff, get rewards.  Go see some Yankees player. Watch a Rangers player get into a fight with someone from the New York Giants.  Sounds fun, right?

Remember, this is the alternative…


Click play and see the summer fun unfold!

As I said, at this point, Nobody Beats the Wiz was still operating, but at this point was owned by Cablevision.


The company operated stores until 2003, and continues to operate today as an online store only, owned by P.C. Richard (another well-known New York area retailer with a famous whistle that for reason we always heard randomly during Yankees games).  P.C. Richard purchased The Wiz for its name recognition. Apparently, as of 2017, the website for The Wiz (www.TheWiz.com) redirects to P.C. Richard’s website.

I just tested it myself!


So, yes, awesome!

I like how they even have the old school logo in use too.  Thanks P.C. Richard and Son!

Oh, and before I wrap this all up, I remembered a Seinfeld episode with a fake Nobody Beats the Wiz commercial.  This is worth seeing!

I’m The Wiz!

On that somewhat happy note, we now have taken one step closer to the weekend.  And we’re two for two, as both days featured companies that are still in business (more or less, in today’s case).

Hope your summer is going great so far, and doesn’t involve counting the types of bugs that run afoul of a bug zapper.  Have a great Flashback Friday, and a fantastic weekend!


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