The Sequel We All Need…

…to a book we all know!

My fiancee and our friends/neighbors (they live three houses away), get together to eat and break out the party games several times a month.

Specifically, we love the Jackbox Party Pack.  We own two of the packs, and our regular games are Quiplash 2Tee-KO, and Murder Party Trivia.

During our most recent round of Quiplash 2, we got a great quipping opportunity:

An odd sequel to the children’s book, The Giving Tree.


Seriously, this classic needed a sequel?  Never would have thought this was necessary, though times have changed.  Perhaps the tree isn’t so “giving” these days.

Despite my writing abilities, one of the struggles I’ve had as a writer (aside from poetry writing – please don’t ask me to write a poem, please!) is coming up with a title for anything and everything.  Only recently have I discovered my knack for titling things came out of coming up with new and creative ways to incorporate #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday into a title.  But, I’m slowly mastering this skill.

It also helps to have an interesting sense of humor.

So, when this came up in the game the other night, I knew I was going to have to give it my all.


This happened.

One is my response, the other is my friend Heather’s response. Which one do you think is mine, which is hers, and more importantly, who got Quiplash?

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