#TotallyTrueFactsTuesday – July 17, 2018

This week’s Totally True Fact actually comes out of my own life on social media.

I kept seeing these ads for Popsicle from this Mommy Blogger-type Twitter account.  Her posts are about how her kid always reaches for Popsicle-brand Popsicles.  I checked to make sure this person doesn’t follow me, and I sure as heck don’t follow Mommy Bloggers.  I don’t relate to Mommy Bloggers, and I don’t plan to become either a Mommy or a Mommy Blogger.  I’ve probably used that phrase so many times, but it seemed so obvious to me that this mom is either a corporate shill for Popsicle, or she is just ultra passionate about Popsicle as a brand.

In the grand tradition (ok, my grand tradition) of wanting to know WHY I’m seeing this ad I clearly can’t relate to (again, not just because I am not or don’t read Mommy Blogger stuff), but also because I don’t buy Popsicle-brand anything.  My mom did years ago, but in my adult life, I have not.

Here’s Twitter’s explanation:


Yeah, I put a stop to these corporate shill ads for Popsicle.

So, breaking down what Twitter explains here:

Part of/similar to this audience from one of Twitter’s ad partners: Soccer Moms

What part of my Twitter profile says I’m a mom, let alone a Soccer Mom?  I’ve never posted anything that implies I’m either of those.  I’ve never even played Soccer!

Popsicle wants to reach people between the ages of 25 and 54 living in the United States

That’s pretty broad.  I fall right in the middle of this demographic, but the difference between 25 and 54 is staggering. Heck, the consumer power of someone that is 35 (like me) and most 25-year-olds is actually quite staggering.

I don’t say all this to sound like some cynical, snarky, childless mid-30s blogger.  I just really found the Soccer Mom explanation hilarious.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about these ads, I did block them from showing up on my Twitter feed.  Because I really don’t care about this mom’s kid and what he wants from the freezer after playing outside all afternoon.

Oh, and I’ve delved into not being a Mommy Blogger-type in the past.

Care to check it out?

The Not-A-Mom(my) Blogger Strikes! – My Not An Apology about an article I read on Scary Mommy. (From July 2016)


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