The Not-A-Mom(my) Blogger Strikes!

I’ll clear up a few things you may not know about me…or perhaps already do.

I’m not a mommy. Or a mommy blogger.  But I am a blogger.  And a writer/content contributor. My main specialty is nostalgia, with my other specialty being humor.  I tend to work these into the same posts.  When I’m not writing about nostalgia, you’ve probably seen some of my “humorous” posts.  Or perhaps you’ve seen some of my “inspired by a moment” posts.  Point is, I have a varied point of reference for the things I write about, but mommy life is not one of those things.

I know what most would say about me – she’s a 30-something woman-child who writes about childhood memories and old stuff, yet is obviously childlike enough, but chooses not to have children.

It’s a personal choice, trust me.

Oh, and I posed with this…


And I collect these…


But I’m not a woman-child, not by any stretch.

I’ve also come to the theory that if I had children, I would have oodles of material to write about, all day, everyday.  But the reality is, I have plenty of material to keep me busy without little ones in the picture.  And if I could write it all down, all day, every day,  I would.  But I work for a living.  I also think if I had kids, they’d resent me for being the subject(s) of my writing material.

I’m forever trying to remind myself that Funkos lack feelings and don’t mind being photographed for nefarious purposes…like humor.

I was scrolling through my Facebook memories a few days ago (I actually started writing this while I was looking through my memories), and one of the memories involved an article, written by a mommy blogger, about the store Justice (as found on Scary Mommy).

First of all, I have no reason to be on a mommy blogging site, but I couldn’t help myself.  A friend who actually is a mom shared the article.  A mom with a sense of humor.

Point is, some of the mommy blogger posts that I read are very much along the lines of my sense of humor – dry, witty, and painfully true.  Especially the one about Justice.  It’s everything this Not A Mom feels about stores like this, as written by a mom who is struggling to cope with the very idea of a store like this.  And I laughed, A LOT.  I even shared it, because why not, I have friends who are moms (and friends who aren’t, but share my good taste in humor).  I even prefaced it with my own biting commentary, because I can:

Anyone want a reason why I’m only an aunt and not a mom?! My attitude toward stores like this, my attitude in general…and the fact that I write like this. I’d have kids who resent me, lol!

And because critics loom large around people like me (that’s being dramatic – I don’t really have critics), I got a response.

Apparently, this comment I made to preface sharing the article was a mock toward Justice, and that I needed to watch what I say.

Why, oh why, would I ever want to watch what I say when I’m being harmless and decidedly not offensive?  I’m a writer with wit and a blog to plaster my wit all over.  Some work with water colors, some work with pastels, some are Pollack, and some have a small but satisfied fanbase of readers.  I’m the latter, because the former use more than Crayola for the times they feel inspired art-wise.  That store Justice reminds me of any store where little girls buy their clothes from – glitter, glittery clothes, neon, clothes only 20-somethings should wear, and glittery neon clothes that only 20-somethings should wear.  I tried to question what was meant by watching what I say, but alas, I came up incredibly short.  So I stopped trying to pry an answer.

And then, even better than this (and the moment I swore pitchforks were coming for me) – two other people commented on this post – one a Not a Mom like I am (with an equally adept sense of humor I can appreciate), the other a co-worker and a Mom, who happens to have little nieces.  They both got the point of the article.  It was funny.  It was written by a Mom.  Point is, most moms could understand what this mom said.  Heck, most Not a Mom-types could appreciate this.  If I shared this, it had to make sense.  And yet, I insulted Justice.  Maybe I just don’t get it.  I’m still at the back end of the fashionable sense, I just don’t get trends and trend stores like this.

My point is, when I share something that may not exactly fall into my realm of knowledge (for example, Mom Life), it’s not to judge those who live the life and shop in certain stores for their kids.  It’s to celebrate the way we choose to live, which is always going to be different from the person next to us.  I don’t judge anyone’s choices, and I expect/assume/hope they don’t judge me.  I’m just here to make the world giggle a little.

The world is full of these different people – married, unmarried, trendy shoppers, not-so-trendy shoppers, loudmouth bloggers with opinions, people who have opinions about what loudmouth bloggers with opinions write.  So what if I don’t like a particular store?  It doesn’t reflect anyone else and their opinion. Let me have mine, and you can have yours.

This Not-A-Mom blogger is unapologetic.



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