Of All Things To Lose, the #ThrowbackThursday You Gave Me!

She’s careless, but beautiful.

What a guy.

Wait, what?!

Seriously, did all 1970s-early 1980s men come with an insult feature?  Because if that’s the case, I would have had to trade mine in.

Thankfully, my guy is not the insulting type.  He just tells me I’m his “older fiancee” (formerly his “older girlfriend”) because I was born seven months before him (My October 1982 to his May 1983).

Ok, you know what?  That is an insult.

But I still love him.

Lucky him.

Anyway, changing focus…

Yesterday was Fourth of July (or Independence Day).  And much like my well-deserved day off yesterday, my archives are also taking a few days off.  But because I like to keep up appearances on here, I would be remiss if I didn’t comb the archives of YouTube for something retro, local, and Fourth of July-esque.

For your approval, this small block of commercials taped from WTBS Superstation in Atlanta, Georgia on July 4, 1981.

Included in this block…

Not John Ritter for Maxwell House Coffee!

Screenshot (1188)

My fiancee was convinced this was some John Ritter look-a-like…

A reminder from WTBS….

Screenshot (1186)

Roach problems…and how to solve them!

The “$12 Dinner to Feed A Family of Four” Problem…and the “$3 Dinner To Feed Them Instead” Solution!

And continuing on the savings front…

The $1.19 combo at Krystal’s…

Screenshot (1193)

…and the $1.19 version of Earth Wind and Fire!

Screenshot (1194)

We’ve got news!

Screenshot (1195)

Write to your cable company NOW!

Screenshot (1196)

This holiday greeting!

Screenshot (1197)

The money-saving solution to…SODA!

Screenshot (1198)

Even Little Jason Voorhees likes Kool-Aid!

And finally…

Gum that dares to compare itself to roller coasters and other exciting endeavors!

Screenshot (1199)

Does all of this sound exciting to you?  Then go on, click play and immerse yourself in some comfort food, cheap eats, and gum.

Yes, gum!

Don’t you just love these little diversions?  It’s a nice peek into the archives of others, and different areas of the country!

A million thanks to Southpaw Frizzell and their awesome archives!

Flashback Friday will be along tomorrow with another trip into the archives of YouTube and another Fourth of July from the 1980s!

Try to contain your obviously unchecked excitement, and have a great Throwback Thursday!

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