Happy #FathersDay!

A very happy Father’s Day to all the dads, fathers, daddies, uncles, grandfathers, grandpas, pop-pops, dog daddies, and father-type figures!


    1. LOL, I don’t know where my dad falls. Definitely not the perfect sitcom father type of the 50s, but definitely not Homer Simpson. He’s a great dad and provided great for us when we were growing up. at 65 (66 in August), he’s survived some significant health issues in the last 11 years, but is a very positive individual.

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      1. Sorry to hear your Dad hasn’t been too well lately Allison!
        Hopefully I’m nearer Fred than Homer too 😊
        We are really close to our kids (1 son, Ian 1 daughter, Janine) as they are now both in their early 30s more like best friends.
        I was with Janine and her guy on Saturday night watching Billy Joel, a terrific show here in the UK.

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