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Allison’s Written Words #FathersDay: “The Baby-Sitters Club” Celebrates Dads

Oh yes, we’re going for another episode of The Baby-Sitters Club TV show.

Try pretending to not be excited about the very idea of this!

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Old Timey Print Ads: The Father’s Day Edition

Happy Father’s Day!

I hope you are enjoying your day as a dad, stepdad, grandfather, uncle dad-type figure!

One of the most difficult things I’ve come across when trying to come up with a Father’s Day-themed article was the lack of source material.  Sure, there are television shows and movies about fathers, but in my experience, Lifetime movie blocks usually shine a bad light on dear old dad.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, they do show one or two positive films about a daddy stepping up to the plate, but this year, they’re not even showing any Father-themed films on either of its networks.

When did not showing that block become a thing?

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