#MusicMonday – July 17, 2017

If It’s Monday, and there’s music, then it is Music Monday!

I love Kenny Loggins.  Betcha didn’t already know that, did ya?

My dad loves Steve Perry, specifically, the incarnation of Journey.

So when I found out this song existed, I knew my dad would enjoy it too.  After all, he did help partially fuel my love of music (the other part is my mom’s influence!), specifically anything you’d find on your standard Adult Contemporary station in the 1980s.

That’s right, I listen to “Mom and Dad Music.”

Anyway, in 1982, Kenny Loggins and Steve Perry (along with co-songwriter Dean Pitchford) got together to write a song.  As made-up tales of grandeur go, the meeting of the minds was amazing, lyrics were written, riffs were riffed, jam sessions jammed, and when all was said and done, “Don’t Fight It” was the end result.

The song was included on Kenny Loggins’ 1982 album High Adventure, was released in August 1982, and nominated for a Grammy Award in 1983 for  “Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.”

They lost to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.”

I can’t believe that.  I mean, didn’t someone see the album cover?!


(aka “That Kenny Loggins Album Where He Looked Like Indiana Jones”)

It’s the stuff awards are supposed to just throw themselves at!

Anyway, despite that one obvious issue, the song is AMAZING.  It’s everything you’d expect of 1980s Kenny Loggins, it sounds like awesomeness, and Kenny Loggins has referred to it as “an experiment in pushing my limits to include rock.”

He also said he helped write “Forever” in a half hour.  The man needs to stop making everyone look bad!

Also of note in this song: Current Chicago drummer Tris Imboden (at the time a drummer for Kenny Loggins, among other artists) provides the sweet percussion sound you hear in the song.

With all that said, from 1982, the victorious combination of Kenny Loggins and Steve Perry, telling you that it would ill-advised for you to fight this song’s advances off.

Seriously, don’t fight it, just click play!

You may not be able to fight Mondays, but the music should help make it better!

Have a great Monday!


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