The Right #FlashbackFriday Medicine

Well, we made it to Friday, and so did our allergies!

That’s unfortunate, don’t you think?

Yesterday, cute puppies gave our nasal allergies quite the workout.  Unfortunately for us, even though it is Friday, it doesn’t provide a cure for them.  So, we turn to “better living through chemistry” to help us where promises of the weekend don’t.

Yesterday, we relied on nasal spray.  Today, we rely on the twelve-hour relief of Dimetapp, in a 1995 ad that stacks the product against the competition.

So we have an allergy sufferer who needs relief…


And we have the competition…

Click play and watch it all unfold!

Dimetapp was manufactured and sold by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals until its acquistion by Pfizer in 2009.  It is made in formulas that combat allergy symptoms, cold with dry cough symptoms, and children’s formulas.  So yes, it is still available today.  But, unlike Nasonex (for a good reason) it has always been an over-the-counter allergy medication.


It also claims to be the right allergy medicine, but I’ve never taken anything other than the cough medicine (which I hated), so I couldn’t tell you how well it works.

But, it works for Spokeswoman, so we’ll believe her.

Anyway, that wraps up this week’s venture into the archives. I hope it isn’t as dusty as I’m worried it is, since you need all this allergy medication.  Whatever you use, hopefully it works for you.  I take Zyrtec, which helps to some degree, and Day Quil for when it doesn’t quite help.

That always works. 🙂

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, a great weekend, and a safe, happy, and healthy Memorial Day!

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