#ThowbackThursday Provides Fewer Sneezes, and Fewer Worries

We’re also doctor recommended.

Ok, we’re not, but we should be!

We’re at the height of allergy season – copious amount of bright yellow pollen cover sidewalks, streets, and blow in the breeze.  In any given day, I hear sneezing, coughing, nose blowing, and complaints of itchy eyes, noses, throats, and all the other things that come from allergy season, including the wonderful stuff covering cars.

I myself am an allergy sufferer.  I have a day here and there where I’ll sneeze and cough, but then I have other days where my asthma strikes like the merciless monster it tries to be.  It’s annoying and aggravating, but soon enough, the pollen will peak (it is actually much later than normal, blame so much rain and below average temperatures) and this will all be a distant memory.

Until the fall.

Anyway, I take Zyrtec for relief, but I find it isn’t always as effective as I need it to be. I went though allergy shots for three years, but I found they weren’t effective at all last year.  So I just use my prescribed inhaler, take DayQuil on the days things are particularly bad, and just deal with it. Not everyone just “deals with it,” but I will because I don’t like to complain.  There’s too much of that.

A few years back, my primary doctor gave me a prescription for Nasonex spray to combat the residual effects of a sinus infection.  The spray worked well, but I had the fun side effect of nosebleeds.  Color me crazy, but that isn’t worth the $40 copay I had to pay to get the intended relief.  So I stopped that medication.  Like I said, I just deal with my allergies and sinuses and take something if it gets bad.

Thankfully, pollen is my worst enemy.  I’m not allergic to dogs (I have one, after all), but that’s the allergy that is the focus of today’s commercial from the archives.  Let’s head back to 2001, and…


OMG cute puppy!

And multiple choice.  No one told me there was a test involved.  Wait, is the cute puppy a bribe?

So anyway, you see cute puppy (!), and what’s the first thing that springs to mind.  Well, if you didn’t answer A or B, then you’re one of the many who have nasal allergies.

Enter today’s solution.  Which you can discover by clicking play!

Forget the happy childhood, this is a happy adulthood!

OMG cute puppy!


Fewer sneezes, fewer worries, and way more puppy kisses.

He will love you forever!

I get all squee just watching that puppy wag his tail!

Nasonex still exists, albeit as a prescription (as it was in 2001).  Due to it containing corticosteroids as an active ingredient, me thinks having it OTC would be a bad idea.  This seems atypical, compared to all the other medications that in 2001 and earlier, were only prescriptions.

Nasonex has to be the exception, doesn’t it?

Anyway, that does it for today.  This week’s theme is combating allergies, and tomorrow, we’ll delve into the archives again with another commercial that deals with allergy relief.

Have a fantastic Throwback Thursday!

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