The Clothes (May) Make the Woman

This writing prompt (from May 14, 2015) asks about my wardrobe.

How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

Clothes are important in the sense that I always want to look my best, but not make my credit card weep.  However, I’m more of the “comfortable and cute” rather than “hot and trendy find” persuasion.  When I buy clothes, I look for what is stylish this season, but doesn’t go out of style with that season.  The more time and use I can get out of my clothing, the happier I am.  Cute prints, flowy and loose shirts (I have a little bit of a midsection) that don’t scream “maternity wear!”), timeless, and above all, appropriate for work AND can be worn off hours are right up my alley.

I shop at Old Navy, JCPenney (which I only started liking a few years ago, mostly for their a.n.a. – A New Approach – brand), and Target.  To a minimal extent, I’ll shop at Sears for Gloria Vanderbuilt jeans and capris, as long as they are on sale.


This shirt is one of my latest (and favorite) finds. I’ve never worn anything with a “southwest” print on it, and it just really called out to me.  I love how it looks like the designs were drawn with chalk, and who doesn’t love cacti?

(For the interested, I got it at Target!)

Appearance impacts how I feel about myself in the sense that when I’m dressed nicely and am comfortable, I feel confident.  I’m always ready to tackle the day and conquer the world when I love how I look.  I know beauty is on the inside, but looking my best contributes to my overall self-worth, and gives me the confidence to express my style!


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