#ThrowbackThursday Wants To Be Like Barbie

Seriously, it wants a glamorous life.

One thing that girls’ dolls had that boys’ action figures sorely lacked was the ability to depict life as unrealistic.  No seriously, I’ve always been more convinced that I could live like a fighting robot in a futuristic society and have a cool theme song.

It sounds cooler than living in a pink dream house with some guy who has plastic hair.  Who wants that for their Not Reality?

So, this was supposed to be last week’s Throwback Thursday, and I had all the intention of getting this posted and scheduled prior to going on vacation last week…but that didn’t happen.  I just decided that my blog really did need the week off, as did I.  So it got pushed to this week.

I’ve also been wanting to submit this as a Throwback/Flashback theme for awhile, because as someone who loves the archives and lives in them the way that I do, one of my favorite observances through the lens of this world is an exploration of society and how we lived in said society through the generations.  I think we need to look no further into this evolution than to see how Barbie evolved from 1950s fashion to the woman who has had every possible career EVER.

In today’s installment, we will take a look at some of Barbie’s earliest advertising from the 1950s and 1960s, back to a time when she wasn’t a career woman, but simply one who paved the way for the likes of the Kardashians.  Further proof we can blame Barbie for their very existence.

And there you have it, the many early faces of Barbie and her unrealistic world.  And her classic Resting Bitch Face.

Screenshot (61)

Wedding dress sold separately.

You can tell it’s Mattel, it’s swell!

And you know what else is swell?

ComiCon 7.JPG

One of the greatest photos I’ve taken of anything!

Come back tomorrow, when we move forward in time to a Barbie of a whole other generation…specifically, the one I grew up in.

Flashback Friday happens tomorrow!





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