There’s More To Your Life At #FlashbackFriday

A commercial about three fluffy, fuzzy, cozy things: Bunnies, bath towels, and carpeting.

You have my attention, Sears.

If you recall from yesterday, we (meaning this one-woman head poobah) are super psyched about the prospect of 60-something degree weather and the knowledge that spring is not just a state of mind, but an actual thing.  And with spring comes the wanting to get things done, especially home stuff.  Right now, I’m actually in the process of purchasing decor for my living room.  I did so for my kitchen during the winter.

For the curious, I’m decorating in vintage (a big thing in my world, obviously!).  I bought several metal vintage food-centric advertisements for my kitchen.  My living room is going to be vintage New Jersey/California (to honor both my home state of Jersey, and his home state of California).  I just bought really cool vintage postcard posters, and I have seen a few vintage posters (one for visiting the famous Jersey Shore, another an actual 1950s “date night at Disneyland” poster) that I’m eyeing up as possibilities.  Of course, we’re also buying lots of frames and getting our home offices adorned with our convention photos.  So we’re seriously working on getting our townhouse to be a home.  It also helps that bare walls REALLY are the best canvases.  I’ve got plenty of them, trust me!

The one thing we don’t need to focus on is painting, and that was what yesterday’s commercial from the archives focused on.  Today, we’re focusing on soft, cuddly things – carpeting and towels.

And cute little fuzzy bunnies running amok through said towels and carpeting.


He’s so cute!

If you love this type of adorable advertising, you can thank Sears – yes, Sears – for really upping the cuddly, cozy, and fuzzy madness.


You can click play to see all of it unfold!

It’s all so adorable, you don’t care about sales.  You just want a cute bunny to love!


Cuteness OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!

Anyway, there you have it, another trip back into the archives, and the promise that spring has sprung (or is attempting to), and that cute and fuzzy sells just as well as…well, you know.

Have a great Flashback Friday, and Happy Easter weekend!

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