Funko Pop Update #3

It’s time to commit a “crime” (to some) and unbox some new Funko Pops!

Submitted for your enjoyment (and not your approval, since people seem to freak out over unboxings of Funko Pops), my latest Funko Pop additions, and the well-known Toys R Us “Going Out of Business” news. During my last unboxing, I had purchased a Star-Lord Toys R Us Exclusive Funko Pop. I’ll be hanging on to that box.


In this unboxing, I’m rounding out of my Avengers collection, with the Funko Pops from Avengers Infinity Wars.



And I bought my fifth (yes, fifth) Thor Funko Pop.  Just because my collection doesn’t place restrictions on finding every Thor variant there could possibly ever be.

Thanks for watching

More Information

My T-Shirt of Choice: Men’s Marvel Avengers Short Sleeve Comic Mashup Graphic T-shirt – Iceberg Heather

Place of Purchase: Level Up Entertainment


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