The #ThrowbackThursday That Makes It Worth The Effort

It’s spring, it’s spring, and OMG it finally feels like it!

I never actually believed I’d see temperatures in the 60s after the constant snow we’ve had lately.  Heck, the storm we had two days after spring started was enough for me.  I’m finished, and I want my warm temperatures.  Heck, I’ll even settle for the 60s.


With spring comes a few things: warmer weather, rainy weather, blooming flowers and plants, pollen, allergies, spring cleaning, and sprucing up of home, property, and self.

For me, it means being more adamant about taking my asthma medication, keeping something on hand for my sinuses, and well, cleaning the way I always do on a normal day.

For others, spring means sprucing up the home, and I couldn’t think of a better way to pay tribute this than to dig into the archives for product ads that mention spring sales and sprucing up.  I dug back into 1985 to make this possible.

So let’s put on our best aerobics headband, you know, the one that is more about fashion and less about getting your hair out of your face while you do anything…


And grab a paintbrush while you’re at it!


We’re sprucing up as part of Pittsburgh Paints’ Spring Sale!


Click play, and be amazing at what a coat of paint can do!

Hurry up to the spring paint sale!


You only have until April 6th…oh wait, this is from 1985.

You had a chance 33 years ago. Now you’re out of luck.

But hey, these people took advantage of the sale!


House painting does the same thing for me for me and my fiancee.

And now that we’ve picked out that perfect shade of paint, we’ll move on to housegoods.  That will happen tomorrow with another commercial from the archives!

Have a great Throwback Thursday!

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