Once A #ToysRUs Kid…

…always a Toys R Us Kid.

In spirit, this will always be the truest statement in the world.

In the world, that legacy has died a slow death, and is now taking its final breaths.

The End of An Era

I was born in 1982, a true product of the “Toys R Us Kid” legacy.  I was among the kids who spent time inside this massive toy store, walking the aisles of dolls, video games, board games, action figures, bikes, ride-ons, and anything toy-esque and fun in between.

Growing up, “I Wanna Be a Toys R Us Kid!” was the slogan, and we wanted to live that motto.

At thirty-five, I’m still a Toys R Us Kid, and always be will be, even though the toys have changed, and my generation is now buying them for the next.  The sad tragedy is that the current Toys R Us Kids will not be able to have their own Toys R Us Kids to shop there for.

It was announced on Wednesday that the 800 remaining Toys R Us stores will close in the United States, effectively ending a company that put smiles on the faces of kids for seventy years.  It is heartbreaking, sad, and unfortunately, a victim of time and trend.  The competition of the internet and the Almighty Big Box sparked the downfall of the company, not to mention the debt and the all important keeping up with the times.

It’s a shame, but unfortunately, it is reality.

“I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, I’m A Toys R Us Kid!”

When I was a kid, Toys R Us reminded me that I wanted to be a Toys R Us Kid, with their catchy jingles and fun images of kids in action.  As I grew up, the jingle became very 90s.  The jingle changed over the years, but the advertising never lost its sentimental meaning.  It was a store we all loved, shopped in, and have fond memories of.

I’m not above admitting that I still tear up over the retailer’s commercials I grew up watching, especially this one.  It’s from 1997, which would have made me 14-15 years old, featuring footage from 1982…the year I was born.

Darn right.  Once a Toys R Us Kid….always a Toys R Us Kid.

Thanks for the memories!

Screenshot (1137)

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